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Echo Arts Munich

Julia has been a frequent guest at the Echo-Arts in Munich since its inception. Her role as the 'Maker in Residence' is to provide the students with the necessary knowledge and understanding of the violin family. In the form of lectures, private consultations, and other musical activities, she tries to pass on as much artisanal information to the students so they can take away with them not only musical memories from their designated Professors, but also something beneficial from Julia's world of craft which directly affects their musical output.

To combine the world of performance and craft has always been something important for Julia, as her mission is to provide artists with their unique voice - a voice that is personal and meaningful to them. 

During the season of  '24, Julia will be a part of the following courses at Echo-Arts. She will be working closely with our students with the goal of making their musical voices more pronounced, articulate, and meaningful. Julia shares Echo-Art-Munich's vision of the importance between the musician and the maker, and therefore Julia is excited to work closely with musicians that are both aware and eager to find their uniqueness through sound.  

The Echo-Arts has acquired one of Julia's works in the form of a violin, and will be awarding it as a loan to a participant in one of our violin courses in '24.



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