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Born in Germany (1986), Julia Maria Pasch first took up the violin & viola at the tender age of 7. Exhibiting an early display of commitment to her instruments, she decided to take her musical interests to a local violin maker by the name of, 'Hans-Josef Thomas.' As a result, she came into contact with tools, instruments, and experienced Journey-men carving wood and sculpting works of art. Julia knew then that she wanted to pursue a life in violin making. 

Julia graduated from the 'Violin Making School of Mittenwald', in 2010. Subsequently, she travelled to Bonn, where she became the assistant to the violin maker, Stefan Peter Greiner & the Physicist, Dr. Heinrich Dünnwald. After completing her training with Greiner & Dünnwald, she successfully passed her masters exam in 2014.

Julia interprets violin making not only from an artisanal point of view, but she employs numerous aspects from other genres to bring out the important qualities and colours that her artists are searching for. She places great importance in providing her artists with the right amount of projection, also focussing on offering them with a broad range of colours. She believes that the physical aspect of projection must be equalled by the instrument's ability to sing and voice out a wide palette of colours. 

In 2022, Julia was appointed as the 'Maker in Residence', at the Echo Arts, in Munich. She will be providing consultations and lectures to the classes of renowned teachers, ensembles and solo performers.  


She is based in the former composition house of Richard Wagner, in Vienna, Austria. 

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