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Raised in a family without musical heritage, Julia Maria Pasch was compelled to find her own path to musical expression independently. After several years of violin studies, Julia was introduced to the art of violin making through the Aachen-based violin maker, Hans-Josef Thomas, who kindled her passion and desire to learn. Having completed a diploma at the Mittenwald School of Violin Making, Julia continued her progress with the master, Stefan-Peter Greiner of Bonn, Germany.


The invaluable experience gained as assistant to Peter Greiner, shaped not only herself as an artist but fundamentally expanded her perception of the wide perimeters which violin making offers and in harmony with the unlimited possibilities brought by the interaction with remarkable artists. Under the wing of Peter Greiner, as well as the physicist Dr. Heinrich Dünnwald, she learnt to approach complex questions regarding sound and aesthetics in a step-by-step and logical fashion.

Having worked with Peter Greiner for three years, Julia’s inquisitive instinct and demand for her own solutions became such that she took leave of studies in 2014. With a completed master diploma in craftsmanship and a unique vision for sound development, Julia Pasch opened her atelier in Vienna, Austria.

Modeling violins in the Classical tradition has been a practice for many centuries. Julia began her journey inspired by the late works of luminaries such as Antonio Stradivari and Giuseppe Guarneri 'del Gesù', sound concepts conceived at the zenith of their powers. It is indeed through their individual development and understanding of the nature and function in every detail, which allows Julia Maria Pasch, by way of innate comprehension, the freedom to proceed pragmatically to the next chapter.

Julia Maria Pasch Geigenbau Wien Austria

To be able to continue where the masters ceased, is not only an obligation but a privilege.

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